Cyber Crime No 4/2011 TVM :

Kerala Police Cyber Crime Division, Trivandrum Kerala has registered a case against Coredesign Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd having its registered office at Kochi and its Directors Mrs Heera Unnithan and Mr Sarath Chandran and also against Mr Indra Mohan Sahadevan in respect of piracy of Hospital Information System Software vide crime no 4/2011 and the matter is under investigation. Any body dealing with the above mentioned company and the above named persons in respect of Hospital Information Software will be dealing at their own risk. Also, please note that Mr. Indra Mohan Sahadevan who had been one of the executives of Amrita Technologies, and Mrs. Heera Unnithan and Mr. Nikhil Deshkari who had been employees of Amrita Technologies are no longer associated with the company.

For Amrita Technologies,
Authorized Signatory.