Amrita Patient portal is an online secure service which allows patients to access their medical records online. Patient Portal provides FREE and SECURE online access to patients' health information through an encrypted password- protected login process. To access the portal, please visit With this, Amrita Hospital patients can access their health record from anywhere, on Smartphone or Tablet and view information 24/7.
Time consuming tasks like retrieving lab results and booking appointments are now possible in a few mouse clicks.

The Amrita Patient Portal services are:

  • Online Patient Registration (involves online payment) which means no more waiting in the hospital RegistrationCounter

  • Fill Patient Registration Form online and pay later during Hospital visit.

  • View Hospital Visit Histories.

  • View Lab Results, which means no more waiting for Lab Results Report

  • Integrated Work-flow designer - Customizable and user defined business process manager - End users can model their own processes.

  • Create Appointments online.

  • View Future Appointments
The Amrita Patient Portal has extended facility of creating user account internally for all new patients registered with a valid mobile number and email address at the Hospitals using the Amrita HIS.


Enroll online

If you have a valid Email ID, you can create a user account and register yourself in patient portal application through the internet any time.

Enroll through Amrita HIS

If you are a new patient and visited the hospital, make sure you are providing your email address and mobile number in the Patient Registration form. After the registration in the Hospital information system, you will be automatically signed up with Amrita patient portal.
The existing patients that have valid email ID and mobile number are also signed up automatically in to the portal as part of recording their visit at the OPDs and booking appointment over phone.

Online Patient Registration

It will save you from standing in the hospital line with secure and convenient pay online. It will create an online Medical Record Number and enable you to use the services provided by the patient portal.

Medical Record Linking

This is the facility to link the medical records of the existing patients to the online portal application. After the successful linking you can make appointment, view the visit details and lab results from the portal.


This is the facility to make a new appointment to a doctor on a particular day for any specialties. It also allows you to view the future appointments and cancel the appointments.

View Previous Visits

This option lists all the previous visits you made in the hospital. List provides information about the doctor and the specialties of the previous visit. You can also view the discharge summary if your final bill has approved (Only for IP patients).

View Lab Results

This is the facility to list the lab results if available. Lab Results are displayed for 3 visits at a time, starting with the recent visits.