• Pradeep Achan Chief Executive Officer / CEO

    Pradeep is the brain behind Amrita HIS (Amrita Hospital Informatics Suite), a complex ERP application covering clinical, administrative and financial areas, developed by Amrita. His experience in developing operating system level software has led to the design and development of Health Care Middleware Operating System, a patent pending technology for Amrita. His primary research inclinations are in Bioinformatics. He has also guided several UG and PG projects on the basis of his wide spectrum of interests.

  • Ramesh Raghavan Vice President(Engineering)

    Ramesh is one of the foremost technologists in Healthcare Informatics. He has been instrumental in architecting Amrita's patented middle tier and security architecture, as well as in leading the growth of the product suite. Ramesh has indepth Knowledge of Web technologies, frameworks and application design. Prior to joining Amrita, Ramesh worked in organizations like International Airport Authority of India (IAAI), Iter Enterprises Inc., USA, Rupp Technology Corporation, USA, Far East Computers, Singapore, Ministry of National Development, Singapore, Plexus, Division of BancTec, USA and Alphablox, USA.

  • Praveen Bist Vice President (Product Development)

    Praveen has extensive experience in supply chain and ERP technologies, having worked at several global companies including i2 Technologies, where he helped customers streamline operations and adopt best practices. Praveen has earned his B.Tech engineering degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) in Mechanical Engineering after which he completed his higher studies in Industrial Engineering at Ohio State University, USA, topping the 1994 batch of MS industrial Engineering students.

  • Sumeet Bahl Vice President(Global Marketing & Strategy)

    Sumeet has extensive experience in online and mobile ecommerce platforms, CRM platforms, customer acquisition and retention strategy (including optimization and personalization), payment methods and customer data management. Sumeet has led eCommerce and Marketing groups in various Fortune 500 organizations including American Airlines and Symantec Corporation. He also served as a board member on the Open Travel Alliance, guiding new innovations and technologies in the Travel Industry. Sumeet has an MBA from the University of Maryland at College Park, a B.E. from Delhi Institute of Technology and hold the PMP and CFA certifications.