Amrita's mobile telemedicine solution allows a doctor and patient to meet for a virtual consultation through the use of mobile technology. This application seamlessly integrates into Amrita's state of art EHR and admission systems to provide a unified experience for the doctor. Doctors have the ability to attend to virtual patients without leaving their offices or using any special equipment. For the patient, this product offers a comprehensive solution to schedule and attend online consultations and retrieve prescriptions and medical records that the doctor shares.

Purpose of Mobile Telemedicine

With the exponential growth in the use of portable devices, mobile telemedicine is becoming increasingly popular as it allows patients and doctors to go beyond physical boundaries and schedule their conversations online. Patients have the autonomy to schedule their appointments as per their convenience. Doctors can use the facilities available in HIS to attend to their online patients. obile telemedicine enables patients to access quality care regardless of physical and geographic constraints.


  •   Increases access to medical care in rural and medically underserved areas. Patients in remote locations can access the full capability of super specialty hospitals without travelling.

  •   Reduces health care costs – Periodic reviews for patients with chronic conditions can be conducted online which saves time for the doctor.

  •   Improves patients experience – eliminates travel and waiting room time.

  •   Ease of use for doctor – Doctors can access patient data and upload documents for telemedicine patients in the same way that they would for regular hospital outpatients.

    There is no need to use separate applications or rooms to schedule online appointments.

Privacy and Access

  •   A private appointment link is emailed to the patient for accessing the virtual consultation.

  •   Patient's secure login credentials are used for all communications.


  •   Easy to implement – This mobile telemedicine solution is flexible to set up and connect to your existing HIS system.

  •   Easy to use – Mobile telemedicine has an intuitive interface that can be used by the patient or doctor with little to no training. Doctors can view their appointments online in their

    regular schedule. Conferencing facility is readily available through the EHR interface for the doctor.

  •   Integration –Doctors have access to EHR during their virtual appointments. Web conferencing is also built in to the system. There is no need for a doctor to leave their desks or use

    separate software while attending a telemedicine consult. Everything is available in one convenient package.