Ayurveda needs to keep up with the rapid evolution and constant innovation of technologies that are impacting and interacting with the advances in conventional medicine worldwide.


An intellectual fusion of Ayurveda, biomedicine, and information technology will most certainly lead to a reduction in the gap between the technological development of Ayurvedic and conventional medicine

    100+ doctors from an Ayurvedic center of Southern India, the respondents to a survey, concurred that the HIT application, such as electronic health record, has the potentials to reduce the duplication of documentation work, is easy and has an instant processing and real-time access to patient information
    Data science in digital health have grown significantly offering exciting opportunities to monitor health-related data in populations that adopt an Ayurvedic lifestyle and use the data to perform meaningful studies (e.g., contrasting with a control group with similar demographics that does not follow the same)
    Technology can not and will not replace a highly-trained, knowledgeable Ayurvedic doctor or practitioner, their diagnostic methods, and the traditional teaching strategies by which this knowledge is shared. Instead technology will be a welcome partner, allowing the use of a rich set of instructional resources, and enabling a thorough and easily accessible process for storing and retrieving information.
    Healthy habits are at the core of an Ayurvedic lifestyle and the popularization and adoption of habits inspired by Ayurveda could reach a broad audience and meet their goal of maximizing their health and well-being
    Benefits Waiting time in reception, lab, nursing station etc. is avoided Accurate, reliable and authentic clinical data is documented with multiple level verification. Patient Data privacy is assured effective billing system records are maintained
    Increasing adoption of tablet-based electronic medical record (EMR) systems with intelligent technology, capable of adapting to each individual doctor's unique style of practice

Driven by the realization that the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda should be disseminated applying the most current trends in the field of information technology along with the latest advances in the branches of science and engineering,

CCIM Compliant

  • Integrated Hospital Information System

Real time access

  • EMR, X-Ray, LAB Results & MRI

One stop for all

  • Medication orders etc. available as a single package

Business Intelligence

  • Trend analysis (patient centric design), symptoms etc.

OT Dashboard

  • Shalya, Shalakya, Prasuti Tantra & Stri Roga

Pharmacy & MM

  • Inventory management of Kashayas, Arishtas, Vati's etc

Patient Centric

  • Privileged Access to patient records via Unique identification
  • Numbers and Online Access to patients

Panchakarma Theatre Management

  • Treatment Scheduling, Processing, Keeping track
  • of the assessments and Automated billing