that drives the amritastore, a venture that aims to bring the touch of amrita into the homes and environment of the community, and ultimately enrich people's life. This opportunity is made available through the following products.
WITH AMMA'S VISION AND INSIGHT Providing the driving force for this venture, each design and project is created with an original force of inventiveness and ingenuity, known specifically to amrita. Creating the opportunity for the villagers, including women and children, to take responsibility for their own lives, and restore and reach their ultimate well-being.

Dedicated to their work with total intensity, each person involved in a project, produces only the highest quality work, bringing newly specialized style and aesthetics, with the essence of love, care, and precision. It is because of this attention and dedication to every detail of the work that the final results take a beauty and life of their own.


The concept is still the same-with all the proceeds from merchandise sold at the going directly to Amma's humanitarian projects. The store offers everything from village products, handicrafts, handmade items,books and musical recordings to herbal remedies, puja items, traditional and modern indian clothing, T-shirts, etc. At the same time, the charities of our inspiration, Mata Amritanandamayi, include scholarships for at-risk children, welfare programs for widows and the severally mentally and physically challenged, self-help groups for impoverished women, houses for the homeless, massive tree-planting initiatives, orphanages, charitable hospitals, village-adoption programs, and many other such ventures.