Amrita PHR is an individual's personal health record maintained over lifetime. Patient can visit many doctors, hospitals, labs, diagnostic centers, pharmacies – all can contribute to build patient's lifetime health record. Hospital generated medical records as well as personally recorded health information, can be maintained together, providing a comprehensive view.


  • Personal Health Record for every citizen

  • Single repository of comprehensive medical history

  • Provide effective communication between patient and care providers

  • Readily accessible when & where it is needed - especially while travelling and during emergency


  • Record & monitor your vitals - Height / Weight, Blood Glucose, BP

  • Keep record of your allergies

  • Record Lab results

  • Track current medications & keep medication history

  • Capture Problems & Diagnosis details

  • Keep record of your surgery details

  • Maintain Radiology reports

  • Receive Care Summary documents from hospitals

  • Maintain Radiology reports

  • Receive Care Summary documents from hospitals

  • Receive Reports from hospitals

  • Manage clinical images, such as photos of important clinical events

  • Manage medical images – X-rays, CT, MRI, Ultrasound.

  • Capture personal details, including

  • Share medical records with your doctor and converse on your health conditions

  • Share your health record with your family or other care givers

Doctors can sign up at portal and access patient's health records

  • Get a wearable companion device

  • Secure your health record with AES 256 encryption

  • Keep your emergency profile open to all care givers

Encrypted and Secure information storage & access

  • Medical records stored on the server is AES 256 encrypted

  • Information exchanged between server and Amrita PHR App is secured using SSL

  • Information access is protected with valid username & password