Amrita’s professional services combine expertise in latest technologies and experience with product customization, deployment and support on multiple platforms

Healthcare AMO (Application Maintenance Outsourcing)

We understand customers value realization comes from providing effective Healthcare Application Maintenance Outsourcing (AMO) support involving delivery excellence by utilizing the right people with the right skills in the right locations and in the right stages of the AMO support lifecycle. We establish relationships with customers and seamlessly integrate with their teams and work as an extended team by nurturing their culture.

Leveraging our experience and proven methodology in Healthcare AMO activities will help in right sizing the resource and delivery models which benefits the overall cost to customers.

Our Healthcare AMO activities focus on the following:

  • Corrective maintenance- Defect corrective approach and adherence to agreed upon SLAs
  • Adaptive maintenance- Develop and deploy new features which bring value to customers time to time
  • Perfective maintenance- Improve performance or maintainability of the applications managed
  • Preventive maintenance- Analyzing patterns in finding out potential vulnerable areas in the application and provide preventive fixes

Our Offshore Delivery Model:

  • Understand Application benefits and support objectives
  • Understand customer’s delivery methodology
  • Delivery Execution

HIS product Development

Whether you need a new performance benchmarking tool or would like us to integrate our off-the-shelf products with your existing environment, Amrita Technologies has software development services to match your needs.

We specialize in the development of software for hospital requirements . This particular area of expertise means that we focus on solutions. We also develop software for load and reliability testing.

Our highly-accredited software engineers are familiar with most programming languages (including but not limited to C, C++, PHP, SQL, .NET and Win32 API, x86 Assembler and Javascript / AJAX) and have developed applications for platforms including Windows, Linux, Sun/Solaris and BSD Unix.

You can rely on our services because unlike many companies, we reject work that is not in our area of expertise. We take pride in delivering what we have promised, meeting expectations on time and within budget.

Professional Services

As product companies start growing their markets, the critical success factors change. During the market development stage, adaptability becomes the key to success.

We can make additions to or otherwise customize one of our existing products to better suit your business requirements. Some of the modifications we have delivered to clients in the past include corporate branding, the development of new features or the expansion of existing ones, and the integration of our products into a larger toolset.

Amrita’s professional services combine expertise in latest technologies and experience with product customization, deployment and support on multiple platforms to provide the client with the support needed to:

  • Identify product changes to meet client requirements
  • Develop new markets that may require re-purposing the product
  • Evaluate new technologies that have to be integrated into the product
  • License new technologies that may require integration into the product
  • Rapidly deploy product at client sites, including training and support

Go-Live and Rollout Support

Amrita Technologies offers a full range of 'go-live' and 'rollout' support for the implementation of its products. We can provide staff members to work side-by-side with your users during their first few days or weeks of using the application in an effort to ease the transition to their new environment. This level of service may simply be in support of your implementation team or Amrita Technologies can provide the 'front-line' support in order to ensure a successful implementation.

Enterprise Integration - Mobile Computing

Amrita Technologies offers comprehensive mobility solutions based on current market trends and customer demands. We offer custom mobile computing solutions for hospital need.

Amrita Technologies is the single, dependable source for mobility solutions based on best-of-breed devices, data capture technology applications and connectivity challenges. We help our customers identify potential communication problems in mobile applications and develop optimal solutions in the most cost-effective way.

At Amrita Technologies, we understand that our customers' requirements are dependent on multiple factors. Our goal is to integrate mobility solutions for improved productivity, profitability, and customer service, all of which are critical to your business success.

HIS New Dimension Product Services

To ensure that our software solutions are always "state-of-the-art," they are constantly being upgraded and enhanced. By subscribing to our maintenance programs, you will have access to this new software as soon as it has been fully tested and released.

Annual support and maintenance subscriptions include help desk support and include all licensed product upgrades and maintenance releases. With telephone support during normal business hours, support services on the web, and access to new releases, our standard support provides a comprehensive package designed to meet your support needs. Customized support agreements are also available if required.

Post Implementation Support

In an effort to monitor the effectiveness of our customers' use of Amrita Technologies products, we offer a 'post-implementation' service as part of our ongoing support facilities.

The purpose is to review how the users are utilizing the functionality available in the software and to compare the results being achieved to the metrics identified in the project-planning phase of the implementation.

Often this audit identifies opportunities for additional training and procedural adjustments. Our team can also provide consulting services to help optimize our customer's use of the applications.