Amrita Weaver is a business process management application developed to improve the business process of an organization for better performance.
Amrita Weaver enables users to design, model, implement, automate and analyze the business process of a company or an organization for supporting Business Process Management.
Amrita Weaver enables organizations to align business functions with customer needs.



  • Weaver - Weaving Enterprise Activity Via Easy Rules.

  • Purely designed to focus on Non-technical users.

  • Weaving human,automated tasks with business logic and rules.

  • Cloud enabled, mobile view supported – Access from anywhere by any device on any time.

  • Integrated Work-flow designer - Customizable and user defined business process manager - End users can model their own processes.

  • We are using latest technology "BPMN 2.0" for work-flow diagram.

  • Integrated form designer - Create user defined forms which can be integrated into the application - End users can design their own forms.

  • Email / Alert support – Will get Email alert to list of persons in request updates, Process completion, etc. This feature is also customizable as per requirement of Clients.