CCHIT Certified Multi-Modular Integrated Healthcare Network Information System- Amrita Healthcare Informatics Suite

Amrita HIS is a J2EE based product suite, built on services oriented architecture, that provides a seamless, integrated, one stop solution for the healthcare industry. The product suite leads in scalability and performance, while at the same allowing flexible configurations through its rule-based workflows.
The solution has been proven in over 30 major installations across India as well as the US, catering to hospitals with upwards of 2000 beds with no degradation in performance or functionality.
The modular design allows for easy installation and maintenance and the n-tier architecture provides a platform that is scalable, reliable, low cost and user-friendly. This not only helps in daily patient relationship management (PRM), but also provides the foundation to foster research and development in the area of bio-medical and biotechnology, enabled by availability of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Unlike several other HIS solutions in the marketplace, Amrita HIS is a complete, end-to-end integrated solution

Unparalleled Features

Amrita HIS has been built on Open Source technologies and is SAAS (Software As A Service) enabled. We are one of the few companies in the world with all the product modules including PACS developed in-house. The solution was built from the ground up with inputs from Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and Administrative Users.

  • EMR Centric – everything revolves around the patient
  • Completely Auditable
  • Platform, OS and Client agnostic
  • Fully-redundant and scalable (typically 3-tier deployment architecture)
  • Zero-client Architecture (thin client)
  • Highly customizable by design
  • Rule Engines
  • Asynchronous Messaging
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting

Comprehensive Electronic Medical Record

The heart of Amrita HIS is the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This central repository for all medically related documentation exposes the medical history of each patient into a single medical record. From any device in the healthcare organization system, the EMR provides the necessary tools for physicians to complete all procedures and administrative tasks associated with a patient visit. With a few mouse clicks, medical workers can quickly and simultaneously view medical examinations, diagnoses, treatment histories, test results, and medication histories in configurations of their own choosing.

Patient Management

Managing the entire patient care workflow has never been easier. From the registration of patient information , to bed tracking and discharge, the Registration, Admission, Discharge, Transfer (RADT) system manages the necessary administrative procedures for both inpatient and outpatient visits, including allocating doctors, applying policies, managing waiting lists, and assigning beds. The Amrita HIS also includes comprehensive patient medical record tracking and medical coding. The system is fully integrated with Clinic and Ward systems and includes a comprehensive report production tool that helps deliver accurate occupancy statistics and quality information regarding admissions, transfers, and discharges.

End to End Medication Management

In addition to automating the routine workflow of hospital pharmacy, Amrita HIS provides tools for enterprise-wide medication administration. Bar coded patients, employees, and prescriptions provide increased support for the five rights of medication administration. Orders can be made via electronic prescribing. Drug interaction checking, drug monographs, and explicit dosage instructions are available to provide effective decision support and reduce risk. A system provides a current snapshot of the patient prescriptions and historical information.

Diagnostic Data Entry

The Amrita HIS includes a fully integrated Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) that allows clinicians route orders electronically. Order details and status updates are then available in the patient record for all other users to view. Laboratory results and diagnostic images are electronically reported and linked to the original patient order. They can be viewed and sorted in a number of ways depending on the clinician’s preference, improving clinical outcomes and increasing efficiency.


The Amrita RIS/PACS is a seamlessly combined Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) that is available as a stand-alone departmental radiology solution or as a module of the Amrita Hospital Information System. With Amrita RIS/PACS, radiologists can use a single software application to manipulate study images and access the entire patient medical record. The workstation interface is optimized for radiologist workflow, including support for predefined templates, an intuitive report editor, and voice-recognition and dictation capabilities. Multi-resource appointment scheduling, image distribution, and patient billing are also included.

Laboratory Information System

The Laboratory Information System (LIS) is fully integrated with the Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) module including complete specimen and order tracking. Automated integration software for lab analyzers allows for rapid specimen turnaround and report generation leading to improved clinical outcomes and increased efficiency. Features include ability to create profiles of tests, flagging and notification for critical results, cumulative test display within EMR, and specimen and result auditing.

Emergency Department Management

An efficient and accurate Emergency Department management system is critical to hospital operations. The Amrita HIS provides quick registration for ER patients and triage features for prioritizing patients based on their need for medical care. The solution includes an electronic whiteboard with advanced functionality and flexibility to ensure rapid clinical adoption. It is a real-time status and patient tracking system that provides users with a single view of relevant information to their work in Emergency Department.

Financial Management

Amrita HIS provides general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed asset, and cash management solutions enabling a current, consolidated, and fast view of the financial status of the healthcare organization at any point in time. Payments received from customers in Patient Finance and Accounts Receivable, and payments paid to vendors in the Accounts Payable system, can be reconciled with bank statements and credit card statements in Cash Management and then easily posted to the General Ledger system to reflect their effect on accounts and financial reports.

Materials Management

A clinical operation that runs smoothly and efficiently depends heavily on having the right supplies when and where caregivers need them---without creating waste and inflating costs through overstock. A fully integrated component of the Amrita Materials Management regulates inventory and purchasing by automatically tracking and managing stock across the hospital, from the point of care to the warehouse; facilitating purchase orders and vendor management; and interfacing with Amrita HIS financial and clinical systems for real-time usage tracking and accounting.

Human Resources

The Human Resource (HR) system within Amrita HIS assists in the management of medical and non-medical personnel. With a consistent framework for employee and doctor information in multiple languages across all systems, the HR system provides secure online access to all employee information.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Amrita HIS includes a powerful set of business intelligence tools, specifically designed for healthcare organizations. As well as providing data warehousing for enterprise data, Amrita HIS creates a data platform from which BI and OLAP processing can be easily applied. Orion Health HIS empowers users to answer their own questions, enabling real-time performance improvement.