Amrita Technologies in IoT and Health Care.

The digital world of connected intelligent devices and sensors, commonly called as IoT (Internet of Things) has stormed the enterprise world with immense possibilities on the connectivity front. Healthcare industry, in particular has embraced the digital eco-system of connected devices powered by Artificial Intelligence as an inevitable technology trend without which the modern hospitals will be falling behind the expectations of highly demanding patient community.

The sensors and equipments becoming smaller and portable and communicating with other devices has made the medical treatment much more personal and targeted. Robotics, Voice assisted digital assistants, patient vital monitors, RFID based arrival detection, appointments, admissions, etc is making the care delivery more automated and precise.

Cloud based real time EHR data, collected from different sources coupled with powerful intelligent engines can play a vital role in integrating the patient care and service delivery enhancing quality and patient satisfaction. The shareable and portable data accessible at the point of care will give the extra edge to physicians and care providers in modern hospitals.

Hospitals equipped with these advanced IoT based technology adoption sure to benefit immensely on:

Centralized digital care delivery:

With the connected pool of clinical monitoring devices and assisted intelligence, automated decisional support systems will re-define the patient care delivery.

Operational efficiency cutting down the cost:

Digital assistance and robots intelligently driving the inter-operability along with the backend software and operations will drive the cost down while improving the operational excellence to its peak. With the AI assisted predictive analytic engines, discharges can be predicted thus reducing the length of patient stay, improve patient movement, admission and discharge process.

Improved patient satisfaction:

With the digital adoption of IoT and big data engines, the IoT enabled patient care system will enhance the patient services at hospitals with predictable outcomes focusing on quality and speed of service delivery.

Defining the next level of Healthcare delivery

Amrita Technologies, pioneers in Healthcare innovations with the best of transforming technologies is helping our worldwide clients with specific focus on the areas:

Intelligent Virtual Assistance devices and bots

We don't limit our imaginations here and intend to offer highly interactive voice based communications and service delivery bringing in a new health ecosystem across hospitals. Patients and nurses along with the physicians are enabled with voice based requests and responsive actions.

Smart Bio-Medical Devices

Intelligent devices connected to patients backed up by real-time analytical and alert systems working in tandem with proprietary Amrita Big Data Framework (ABDF) and engines.

Cloud based portable Health Data

Shareable and updated personal health records made available via intelligent IoT devices enhancing the patient satisfaction and connectivity with the patient and Health Care provider community.