Amrita PHR (Save a Life +) is a new cutting edge innovation launched by Amrita - the Amrita Personal Health Record. This is a user centric encrypted application that can be carried by the user in the form of a wristband or fashionable jewelry – carries critical medical information including DICOM images from previous investigations, mother-child care history, allergy and medication information. The concept is that individuals can take care of their own health record, as well as allow medical staff to access life saving data in emergencies.


Personal EMR and Home Monitoring

Amrita PHR makes it easy for you to manage your medical records. Now you can upload and analyze data from home monitoring devices such as blood pressure cuff, and remind yourself of your doctor’s instruction from your last appointment.

Lab and Radiology Reports from all doctors

You can store medical records such as laboratory and radiology reports, progress notes, x-rays and even scanned images such as sonograms and ultrasounds. Amrita PHR can help you avoid unnecessary expensive duplicate tests when you go to a new doctor.

Track Drug and Prescription

It contains information on more than 50,000 prescriptions. Plus, you can print out your prescription list so that you can easily provide a doctor with information about medications prescribed by other physicians.

Me and My Family

The Amrita PHR Personal Health Record stores information for up to 10 family members. It's the one secure place where you can put all of your family's medical information. Now there will be no confusion at the time of emergency.

Anywhere in the World

Your Amrita PHR Personal Health Record makes it possible for you to access your medical records and vital documents anytime from anywhere. Now you can travel anywhere in the world with you no matter where you are for invaluable peace of mind.

Emergency Access for Doctor

With Amrita PHR, doctors can access your most critical information such as medical history, recent lab reports, allergies and prescription drugs through a special log-in in the event of a medical emergency where every second counts in which you are not able to communicate and your dear ones are out of reach.