AHIS Enterprise Cloud is designed to preserve and secure sensitive data, whether operated as an on-prem solution or in a hybrid cloud architecture. The virtualized solution is environment friendly and saves 30% in energy costs over a purely on-site hardware-based platform. Built-in multi-tenancy allows maximizing efficiency by utilizing shared resources optimally based on scalability requirements, thereby driving down costs accrued. Hospitals can focus on delivering quality patient care instead of operating a large IT organization. By utilizing AHIS Enterprise Cloud, hospitals will receive periodic, automated feature updates without disruption to their service.

AHIS Enterprise Cloud provides a wide array of customization options that allows hospitals to tailor the solution to their needs. Best-practice workflows suited to the size of the hospital are already built-in. Fully personalized dashboards can be defined by medical personnel in order that they may have relevant data available at their fingertips. Doctors and nurses can use AHIS Enterprise Cloud's tablet-based interface for recording patient data and obtaining access to essential information in real-time from anywhere.

The full list of features enabled in AHIS Enterprise Cloud:

  • Tablet-ready

  • Per-user dashboards

  • Drag and drop report creation

  • Context-based integrated

  • documentation

  • Responsive UX

  • Virtualized environment

  • feature delivery

  • Mobile and email alerts

  • With AHIS Cloud, hospitals can reduce operational costs and at the same time provide better quality of service to their patients.