Amrita HIS Selected by Top Orthopaedic Hospital in Pune

  • Pune

Sancheti Hospital - legendary Orthopedic Hospital at Pune and Amrita Technologies are joining hands to implement the state-of-the-art Amrita Hospital Information Suite (A-HIS) at Sancheti group of Institutions.

When Sancheti management realized that it is a dire necessity to go ahead and procure an HIS Solution in order to improve their operational effectiveness of the whole hospital group; their specialized team contacted all different renowned HIS vendors in India. Subsequently, they evaluated all those HIS vendors and then shortlisted down to two. They stringently evaluated the vendor’s solutions in terms of EMR capability, Reliability, Scalability, innovative features, etc and finally selected Amrita’s Hospital Information Suite to cater to their whole HIS needs. Even before the evaluations started, Sancheti management clearly had a vision that the HIS solution which ever they would select should be such a product with which they can grow and expand in the years to come without any restriction presented by the HIS’s scalability potential. Hence the team was extremely happy in understanding that Amrita HIS is in tandem with their vision and also is a One Stop solution which has PACS, Business Intelligence, Reporting, various user-friendly Dashboards, Patient Portal, Real time notifications, etc in a Fully integrated manner.

Thus, with the implementation of the fully integrated Amrita Hospital Information Suite; Sancheti is looking forward to be a more efficient hospital in terms of overall operational efficiency at Clinical as well as Non Clinical avenues and to be a greener organization by reduction of usage of paper for its day-to-day activities.

Amrita Technologies is a leading company in healthcare informatics in India and it’s HIS offering is a completely Web Based and Patient-Centric solution. A-HIS is deployed at various large prestigious hospitals in India and is currently catering to over 50 Lakh Patients’ EMR records.